The Handmade



Each of our vessels are handmade- they are all perfectly imperfect in their own way. We do not use moulds or casts, and each piece is wheel thrown or handbuilt individually.

While we strive for consistent outcomes, a large variety of factors influence the handmade. These include- and are not limited to- human design and nature, kiln firings, and glaze combinations. Part of the magic of the handmade is simply not knowing what the outcome may be, until the kiln is opened!

We hope to inject the wonderment of the handmade into your daily functional ware. Each piece of OTS is different in their own way, bearing the essence of being entirely made by hand. As such, we hope that you enjoy the unique variations across the different series of our works, and the nuances of the human touch.

Made in our home, for yours.

Sarah & Nigel