Omelet Trees Studio- About Us

A moment of calm; an oasis of slow living.

Omelet Trees Studio (OTS) represents the passion pursuit by a husband and wife duo (now also with two precious little ones- we've expanded!)

As Fine Art graduates, working in the studio has always been our respite. The making-space represents a heterotopia of sorts- an oasis of slow living and making within our hectic lives in busy Singapore. OTS also represents the hope we have for our children, to show them that passions- no matter how unconventional- can, and always should be pursued.

Each piece of OTS is created with love by hand. A lump of clay transformed from earth, to serve as a functional artwork in your homes. With the unique  characteristics of the makers’ processes embedded within the form, you‘ll never find another like it. 

Made in our home, for yours.

Established in 2016. Singapore.


B E H I N D   T H E   N A M E 



Many have asked us about the meaning or reason behind the name of our studio, "Why Omelet Trees?" To which we would usually answer simply, "Well, it's because we like eggs!"

But here's the real and longer reason behind the humble name of our tiny studio: It does start out from having a deep liking for eggs. Eggs are great for breakfast, lunch, and dinner- and are basically endlessly versatile. The Omelet, as an egg-form, tops that list (in our opinion, really).

We added that to a tree, and wondered how we could grow our passion for ceramic arts into something bigger and better, yet without overcomplicating things and keeping true to what we started out for.

In a simple and light-hearted tone, Omelet Trees Studio is about hope, about a dream of a better place. A safe space for creating and growing. 

Welcome to Our Tiny Studio.