A blink of an eye, and we're already (almost) through the first three months of this year. Curating this collection of work felt almost nostalgic, as so many changes had taken place: N and I are settled into our new day jobs, the kids are happy, healthy, and growing, and we're just taking things one step at a time for OTS. 

Out of the dry spell earlier this year, the Dimple Rocks were born. I think they're fabulously tactile to hold, multi-dimensional pieces of drinkware. 


I also like to think of these Dimple Rocks as little symbols of working through tough times, which is why we hosted our first giveaway this year with a pair of these. It's been incredibly heartwarming hearing your stories of your rocks- personal pillars of support- and we really want to thank every single one of you who took the time to share your tales of gratitude. 

My personal rock is N and the crazy superhuman he is, juggling his steep learning curve at this job, daddy duties, cooking our meals (...and still has time to make pots).

Another form we've brought back this year is the Comfort Bowl: a simple, low, bellied bowl that fits just right for snacks and light bites. Heads up; they look stunning cradling your food!


For those who've been around for a while, this shop might seem simple in its offerings. It's true. We're used to having a wider range of forms in each shop update. Nonetheless, it's what we could make, given our limited time/energy in this season of life- and we're still proud of it.

Honestly, that's what THE FIRST QUARTER is all about: it might have been good or bad, but what matters is that we're trying our best, trying new things, and embracing failures. Small steps, that go a long way.


Kiln-Karnage: not pretty but we're pretty darn thankful the kiln shelf/wall was unscathed!

If you've reached here, thanks for reading this far! As always- made in our home, for yours.


S & N (Studio Elf + Night Potter)


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