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Homie: a slang term for a close friend. It can be used to refer to a friend, as in This is my homie Russel, or as a term of address for one, as in Hey, homie! 


It’s been a while since we refreshed the shop. For this first update of the year, it felt only right to reach deep into the core concepts of what makes OTS what it truly is.

You see, when Nigel and I started pottery-ing around 6 years ago, we had no idea what OTS would become. It was a means to spend time with each other, all while staying true to our innate callings as makers and art practitioners.

Along the way, with a large dose of blessing from you guys in our OTS family, we developed works that would come to be used in your homes. Functional, comfortable forms that exist as subtle reminders of the handmade; the human.

... which brings us back to why these Homies were created in the first place.

We’re creatures of comfort, and the Jumbos, which were the mainstay in our drink ware collection, were getting too comfortable.

Jumbos, with their slab-built handles. We’ve made hundreds of these and (still) love them!

Jumbo handles, slab built and shaped. These dry out in a box to let the shape set before they're attached.

Our pottery journey led us to pulling handles, something we’ve obsessively watched on YT for the past year. A wedge of clay, pulled with lashings of water, somehow transformed into the most graceful arcs… and the challenge was on.

Just water, and gravity. A lump of clay is amazing!

Handle blanks, measured and laid out on a board.

Attached to the mug body and pulled. Aiming for that fluid pull and graceful arc.

These Homies aren’t super new- in fact, we introduced the monochromatic range of these last year. But the start of this new year gestured towards fresher, lighter tones.

Meet PISTACHIO, our new hue on the block!

Matched with GOMA.

And in honour of a certain gifting season just around the corner… we’re packing these Homies in complimentary OTS Jute Bags (for orders placed between 6 - 12 Feb). They’re completely reusable, biodegradable, and make your gifts look extra special!

Thanks for being our Homies.

As always, made in our home, for yours.

Sarah & Nigel

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