I've always wanted to do a little throwback to revisit the history of our best-loved cup, the Dimple. It's a little trip down memory lane to see these pieces from the archive again!

We first started creating a dimpled cup way back in 2016. Our first IG giveaway was for a pair of these (we only made 4 cups then, hence basically gave away 50% of our stock).

First Dimples, circa 2016. White stoneware, clear gloss interior with textured grey satin exterior.

In the years to come, we saw the Dimple undergo various transformations- slightly narrower, more bellied, from matte Stone Blue to the range of the rainbow we have today. Of course, we also remember that tedious but beautifully delicate porcelain Dimple collection. Some Dimples even came with their own hand-crocheted cosies (+1 cute factor!)

 Two-toned Dimples, 2017

 Porcelain Dimples, 2017-2018. Sprayed gradient, clear gloss.

Cosy Dimples, 2019. Stone Blue Dimple, crocheted cosy.

Dimples for Days 1.0 launched in October 2021, with Otter, Marlin and Seagrape anchoring our collection.

Dimples for Good- we donated 100% of the proceeds from these Blueberry and Omelet Dimples to displaced children

Ceramics for a Cause, 2022

We also experimented in scale- Dimple L was made for those of you who love bigger cups, and Dimple Mini for our espresso loving friends!

Dimple Mini, Dimple, Dimple L (top to bottom), 2022

Dimples for Days 2.0, our first ever preorder, saw us offer you the chance to preorder as many (or just one!) Dimples in your choice of glaze, and it was amazing to see so many of you dive in for that.


2023 was a year of rediscovering balance, and the Dimple ROCK was created in response to recreating something afresh. 

This year, Dimples for Days returns in the form of a curated set of objects that we love to make. Natural, organic, neutral tones. Simplicity and intentionality, textures galore. 

It's been 6 years of Dimples, and we still can't get enough. A part of me twinges with regret, knowing that we didn't keep a piece from each era (need: Dimple museum on our shelves)

Here's to more years of Dimples ahead.

Made in our home, for yours.



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