I've thought long and hard, about what this shop represents.

Six months (half a year?!) since we made new work and curated a shop. The change in pace comes from a busyness that life as a working adult brings. For those of you who don't already know, Nigel and I work full time and keep OTS as a haven of sorts, separated from the daily grind. A space brimming with instinctive making and where we unwind after the day ends.

Good tunes and a night pottery session never fails to uplift!

But, the last six months have just been a sum of many moving parts.

So, these pieces have actually existed as bisqued pieces since earlier this year. They've sat unglazed, patiently on the shelves, while we sorted ourselves out trying to balance the various parts of our lives.

So, while not vast in scale compared to our shops last year, this little collection of work is still quite special.

We've consolidated our favourite techniques (pulled handles) with our favourite forms (Jumbos), and kept you, our users and collectors in mind, as we planned our palette.

Our new Jumbos, topped off with the sleek, organic lines of a pulled handle. It grips so naturally and comfortably in your hand- some might even say it's akin to a handshake.

Marlin makes its rare appearance. Part of the original duo- Otter and Marlin.

Each piece represents a small reminder of time, a gentle call, to keep putting one foot in front of the other. 

I'm hoping that it reopens a certain door in our lives while we re-integrate ourselves into our studio processes, and find that balance that we so crave. 

A restart- we've unwound the wires of the wheel pedal. Slowly, but surely, spinning again.

We hope to be back in the works. Making and sharing more, and most importantly, trusting in the right timing. 

Hope you enjoy this new collection of old favourites, with a sprinkling of freshness. It's a manifestation of our time, joyfully spent!


Sarah & Nigel

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