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Wheelthrown and glazed by hand in our home studio, the Standard Dimple is your everyday versatile cup for any drink!

The bellied form sits comfortably in the palm of your hand, and the dimpled grooves form a natural grip for your thumb to rest in.

Each piece is uniquely handmade so you'll never find another like it- from the wheel throwing, shaping, trimming, finishing, and glazing.

DIMPLE ROCK is an exploration of texture. Smooth facets, cut into the rounded form; angular contrasting with organic.

KOMBU is a glassy grey-green with gold and rust tones. Iron speckles dance across the variegated surface.h grey float. Clear gloss interior showcases the throwing lines as part of the handmade process. This Dimple is made with a Buff Clay

Holds approximately 180-200ml of liquid
Approximately 7 x 8.4 cm (h x diameter at widest point)

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