CHRISTMAS: The Process

CHRISTMAS: The Process


It's that time of the year again, and we've been thinking about this shop for quite some time. You see, Dimples for Days (our first pre-order in October this year) threw us into production mode, churning out hundreds of Dimples, but Christmas... is a creative time. We had to break out of machine-mode. 


Every shop starts on paper. These are the first doodles for Christmas Trees.

We started with small batch, limited edition. N threw tall cones on the wheel and I slowly cut out sections. A labour of love- made in our home, as a centerpiece for yours.

Throwing a tall cone. It’s about 1kg of clay whirling around on the wheel.

Cut outs- made with the humble x-acto knife that we’ve had since art school days. When cutting out, I like to follow 'trace twice, cut once'. It's worked so far, as long as I resist the temptation to push through the edges!

Firing these were also particularly nerve-wracking. They’re too tall to maximise the space if fired standing, and we did’t want to wedge items in between or stack on top of the delicate sections. Some potters bisque fire flatware vertically, so a cone shouldn’t be that different?

Luckily, it all worked out fine. I tried to wedge them into the grooves of the firebrick to keep them from rolling. As long as the greenware doesn't touch the elements, they should be fine. 

Did we mention that they're designed to be luminaries too? I can just imagine a flickering scented candle cosying up, or a warm LED light (we're including one in the box!) 

Wishing you warmth and merry-making for the season ahead! 

Sarah & Nigel

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